News from the camps - September 2023

Mdonya Old River - Ruaha National Park Tanzania - September 2023

September has been an extra ordinary month for lion sightings in and around camp.
The pride of Lions around the camp have been vocal and close, offering us good early morning sightings.
The lion population should increase soon as we have had a few couples of mating lions as well.

As the water continues to dry, there is still some flow in the Ruaha river, although only a trickle, but enough to support the animals of the park.

We have had two groups of researchers coming to camp. The Lionscape team with Joseph and Nyangeta, came to deliver camera and tablets to Ayoub and John to continue the guide carnivore monitoring programme and Christina from STEP (Southern Tanzania elephant project) who came to get more information from our guides about lion predation on elephants. She also spent a couple of nights in camp and managed to see/identify 90 elephants in a day in and around our forest area only.

During this month the vervet monkeys have started to give birth to the young ones and are seen around. This seems odd as the births are a month short of the normal birth times. Good chances are that, somehow, they know this will be an El Nino year and the rains will come earlier?

The camera traps have been very useful as well and captured incredible moments and wildlife.
Specials of the month have been the multitude of elephants, with 3 families and around 20 bulls, lions, leopards, jackals, hyena, civet etc.

Thanks to guest Jim Hagan for contributing to this newsletter with their beautiful pictures and videos.
Other pictures and videos by Malcolm.




We hope to see you soon.

Mdonya Old River Camp Team

Lake Manze - Nyerere National Park Tanzania - September 2023

We have been very fortunate to have met many guests that have chosen to spend their safari experience with us here in camp. All of them have taken away so many fantastic experiences and memories with them to share with friends and family. We can only say thank you to James and Carole Hagan for also sharing their story and memories with us by allowing us to some of their pictures in this newsletter.
Sightings in camp have been great with some awesome birdlife and an abundance of Elephants. One was even carrying his lunch on his back.

Not everyone’s favorite, was a green tree snake trying to break through a spider web as he was chasing down one of the office Gecko’s. Snake 0 – Gecko 1
Eland is a very skittish breed of Antelope and will give you their behinds when they spot movement. We were lucky enough to have about fifty odd in front of the dining area as they were gorging themselves on the greenery

Our camera trap has captured some great scenes and photos. Top of the list the elusive Civet.

Always a guest favorite, Janet the Genet still makes her appearance known behind the dining table. She must have had some young ones as they are now up to three that frequent. Hopefully get the shot soon.

Safe travels.

Shaun, Milli and the Lake Manze Camp team


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