December 2018


News from Selous Game Reserve

Just when you think you have seen it all – bang, something new.

A frantic call from the barman to come and look at something he has not seen before does elevate the curiosity. His exact words “Come quick it’s a black monkey”. Low and behold we have a Black and White Colobus monkey hanging around the dining area up in the Maroela tree. He definitely had an itch as he was scratching like there was no tomorrow. A first for many but a great sighting. He did not stay long and disappeared as quickly as he had appeared.

Imagine sitting on your veranda and the Lions nonchalantly walk by, unperturbed by your presence.
Unlikely, no, these little, unexpected exiting things are what make a safari excursion one of the most sought-after experiences. As we tell our guests, each day the bush will provide many different and amazing sightings and lasting memories.

Two old “dagga boys “jealously watching a large herd of Buffalo passing by in front of them, longing for their younger days. Completely forgetting that they are standing next to our dinner table. “Dagga boys” is a term used to identify the old Buffalo that have had their chance to be the head honcho and were then kicked out of the herd so a stronger Buffalo can take over. They spend their old age lazing around the lakes and hopefully enjoying retirement.

We would like to wish all our guests an amazing Christmas and a fantastic 2019. May one of your presents include a trip into the bush.
See you soon.

Safe travels.
By Shaun, Milinda and all Manze Team.








































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News from the wild side

An early feast.

It has been another exciting month at Mdonya Old River Camp. Between early feasts by a few different prides of lions, to the arrival of gigantic herds of buffalos in the Mdonya valley, the camp didn’t have a minute on its own.

The land is changing drastically while all the trees are flowering and showing off their beautiful colors. Water has fallen, giving the bush a lush green tint. On an evening, the flowing Mdonya waterfall was heard for the first time of the season in camp, rumbling like thunder!
The sun has been hiding for a while, which is not as bad as it seems. The dark skies bring out the flashy colors of the migratory birds that are slowly coming back. The sand rivers sometimes flow making it an amazing show to watch when animals cross them. The mixture of sun and clouds, bring a beautiful white colors reflecting in the cats eyes. Rarer mammals such as Bat eared foxes and Serval cats are thriving in this weather and gave our guests an amazing experience while watching them.

The mysterious Wild dogs were also spotted a few times looking greater than ever.
Leopards and lions have been on the rendez-vous. Feeding on buffalos and giraffes, mating or simply just resting in the flowering Baobabs. But while some animals are drawn closer to us, others have gone further away. Our dearly elephants have moved to greener areas giving our tented camp some time to recover from their presence. Nevertheless, we miss them, especially our friendly troublemaker Sikio Mbovu. Despite our sadness, we all know deep in our hearts that when nature calls, nothing can be done; we can only let it happen. We know that as soon as the water will disappear, they will be back.

Mdonya Old River Camp has also been active at night. A beautiful pregnant hyena was caught on camera trap behind the camp. We noticed her swollen stomach and even two prominent teats indicating that she was either expecting or had already delivered. We set out on a mission to try to find her den by putting more camera traps around the camp and catch her walking by but as a ghost, she was never spotted other than in camp. We are almost sure that her den is nearby as she is seen coming to camp a couple of times per night, sometimes on her own, sometimes accompanied by her clan.
For the last few days, she has gone missing, so who knows… Has she delivered or not yet?
Answers will only come with time!

Until then, Merry Christmas and Happy new year.

Iris, Kingsley and all Mdonya Team.

Anna de Capitani 5

Anna de Capitani 2

Anna de Capitani 3

Anna de Capitani 4

Anna de Capitani 6

Anna de Capitani 7

Anna de Capitani 8

Anna de Capitani

elephant in camp

lion cubs 2

lion cubs

Marc Van der Vost – 3

Marc Van der Vost – 4

Marc Van der Vost – 5

Marc Van der Vost – 6

Marc Van der Vost – 7

Marc Van der Vost – 8

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Marc Van der Vost – 17

Marc Van der Vost – 18

Marc Van der Vost -1

Marc Van der Vost 2

ruaha wild dogs 2

ruaha wild dogs 3

ruaha wild dogs 4

ruaha wild dogs 5

ruaha wild dogs

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