September 2019

Essential Destinations sustainable lunches

Amongst the biggest factors polluting our air and contributing to climate change is the release of methane and CO2 from livestock bred for human consumption, who emits more gases then all vehicles in the world and just behind are gas emission from the latter.
Livestock represent 60% of all mammals on this planet, humans 36% and wildlife only 4%.
In order to sensitize on the issue, we have decided to serve only vegetarian lunches.







News from Selous Game Reserve

This month the camp had many bull elephants visiting to sample and have a good taste of the ripe doum palm fruits.
The young bulls are still learning the art on how to shake the palms but luckily for them plenty of baboons were helping throwing down the sweat fruits from the top of the palms.

Also, the giraffes have been regular in their daily movement, going to the dry swamp in the morning by crossing over the channel and coming back in the evening to sleep in the safety of the open areas.
Our guest on our soundless solar boat safari were able to see them crossing almost every day. It is certainly a unique experience!
Not all giraffes have been lucky. Twice we saw them being taken by predators this month. Once a young baby was killed by lions and the other an adult female caught by crocodiles.
Sad scenes but that is how nature goes.

Our guests also enjoyed the night visitors of the camp, few lucky ones saw the leopard and more saw the hippos. Only our camera trap saw the elusive porcupine though.

We also had a special birthday cake this month for a special guest. Guy, whose dream it was to see the wild dogs. We managed to fulfil his dream in more way than one as he saw the real mcCoy and in his special birthday cake.

Next time you visit us, take the googles to snorkel in the hot spring pond!

See you soon.

Safe travels.
By Shaun, Milinda and all Manze Team.















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News from the wild side

The chilly days of winter left us this month.
Mdonya Old River Camp is changing as its occupant. While the water is still scattered, Mother nature is impatiently waiting for the first rains to bloom once more. The camp was particularly busy with all sorts of wildlife including elephants, bushbucks, lions and genets. The big cats have been spotted more than once in between the tents busy seducing one another which kept the camp wide awake throughout the night.

As of the pachyderms, many were seen wondering around including our beloved Sikio Mbovu which, on one occasion, found himself a metal pole to scratch his under belly with. He has been also trying to reach several times, with success, the higher branches of the acacia, standing up on his hind legs.

We have also seen the lovely bushbucks around identifying one mother and her young, another single young female and a gorgeous male which is more rarely seen.

Safaris were as exciting. Congregations of buffalos and elephants were seen as well as mating leopards. On one occasion, up to three in the same tree were seen!
An amazing and rare sight that our lucky guests got to appreciate.
Lions had also taken down an elephant which was witnessed with mixed feeling, but no one is better placed than Nature to take care of the balance.

In the hope to see you soon,

Iris, Kingsley and all Mdonya Team.














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“Cher Iris, Kings and all the staff, Merci infiniment pour votre acceuil, nous nous attendions a bien mais pas a ce point ! Ce lieu est magnifique , on le conseillera a tous nos amis”
Christian and Layla in Mdonya in September 2019

“Dear Kingsley and Iris, we cannot thank you enough for such a wondereful stay! Your park, staff and accommodation far exceeded our expectations! We are so luky to have found such a wonderful, untouched spot on this Earth… A rare thing. Everything was absolutely wonderful”
Nina and June, in Mdonya in September 2019

“We have been on safari for 14 days and 5 camps. This was unanimously our favorite. Relaxing, beautiful setting and fabulous food. Staff and guides are friendly and helpful. Thank you.”
Donna Lohrmann. Scotts Valley California USA, in Manze in September 2019

“We have no words to describe how truly deeply was this life experience you made us live. Every single moment was full of power, joy and love and we want to thank you for everything. We do wish you all the best hoping to see you again one day. All the staff are great, professional and all you made us feel what living here means. Made us feel the different shapes of Tanzania. So asante sana from the deepest part of our hearts. God bless you and keep doing what you are doing as the world needs more people like you. A big hug.”
Michele, in Manze in September 2019

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