News from the camps - July 2023

Mdonya Old River - Ruaha National Park Tanzania - July 2023

July is usually the coldest month of the year and early mornings can be very chilly, to the point that we must provide our guests with a blanket and a hot water bottle for the early morning drives. As the sun rises it quickly warms up and becomes very pleasant.

It’s now the time when the Faidherbia albida (or apple ring tree) have their pods which feed a multitude of animals once they fall.
Elephants, giraffes, kudu, bushbuck, impala, and more gather under these acacias to indulge in these tasty seeds.
Particularly interesting is our giraffe with a scar on her shoulder who has been regularly visiting the tree in front of the dining in the morning to feed on these pods.

We also had a fire coming over the mountain which, with the great help from our friends from Mwagusi camp, Kiasile and his team, we managed to control and extinguish.

As usual, elephants are always around camp and now, we even have families with babies that are becoming acquainted with the camp and walk through without hesitation.

There is still a good flow of water in the Ruaha river and animals are concentrating along the river and the scattered water points to quench their thirst.

In the dryness of the bush, some small creatures have acquired, thanks to the evolution, capacities, and behaviour to disappear in it. A chameleon was spotted incredibly by John and Shabani as it camouflaged its way into the bush.

A special mention must go to the pack of wild dogs seen at the beginning of the month. The video shows them going for some zebras, but they are given a lesson and reluctantly move along in search of another meal.

Thanks to Shabani Ramadhani and Malcolm Ryen for the pictures and videos.


We hope to see you soon.

Mdonya Old River Camp Team

Lake Manze - Nyerere National Park Tanzania - July 2023

Can it get better than this month? It will be hard to beat but the bush will give you all the surprises. As we say anywhere, anytime, anything can appear.
Leopard sightings have been out of this world. Leopard with a kill up a tree made for a fantastic sighting as it shows off its afternoon meal.

The big group of fourteen lions gave a show. Especially the young cub, first stretching then moving towards the Manze vehicle hissing as its curiosity takes over.
Imagine driving along and meeting a large group of buffalo that exceeds 100. Ironically, they all normally all stop and give you the Buffalo stare, before moving along on their daily browsing routine.
Life in camp has been Elephant busy with lots of lonely bulls coming to pick up the Doum palm fruits around camp that the baboons and vervet monkeys have dropped. Lots of Ellie families passing with a creche of little ones as the stay close to mom for protection but at times showing their own antics.
Birdlife. Well, what can we say. Abundance in and around camp. When two Palm Nut Vultures pop in unexpectedly the photo opportunity was there. Bee Eater, Kingfishers and the flashy Green Wood Hoopoe. Even a Side Striped Sand snake stuck his head out.

Thanks to Zack Mligo, James Mgona and Ramadhani Chombo for their contributions to our newsletter.

Whenever you are ready to visit, the wildlife is waiting.

Stay safe.
Shaun, Milli and the Lake Manze Camp team



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