News from the camps - November 2023

Mdonya Old River - Ruaha National Park Tanzania - November 2023

November has been a very hot month this year which is probably due to the El Nino effect and of course, climate change as our planet continues to get hotter every year.

It has been a rich month full of sightings with lots of animals in the camp, especially the lions who have made the camp area their home for a while.


Wild dog activity has been very rewarding with many sightings. Strangely enough, the pack of 25 have been quite resident for some time in the same locations making it easier for us to spot their activities.


Elephants have been leaving the Mdonya area in search of food but return to drink in the sand river in search of life-giving water.

When it becomes so hot, it usually is a sign of imminent rain, and by the end of the month we have had a few small showers. The animals have started to move around the park in search of the sprouts of new fresh green grass.

In December the rains should be in full swing and the animals will occupy new areas where they will spend the rainy season.

Pictures and Videos by Godson Mkini, Ayoub Nyang’ango and Malcolm.

We hope to see you soon.

Mdonya Old River Camp Team





Lake Manze - Nyerere National Park Tanzania - November 2023


The green wonderland has arrived as we have experienced some good morning and afternoon showers. Lake Manze has been filled to the brim in just over three days as the fresh rainwater flows into the back end of the lake. Many happy hippos and crocodiles playing in the water. Birdlife around the lake has been prolific.

With the many insects and critters around the birds are enjoying this plentiful food source as they dive in to catch another tasty morsel which at this stage seems like an unending source of food.

Plentiful baby Impalas are around that are gorging themselves on the fresh milk the mom is supplying from chewing on the unending supply of green grass all over.

A Giant African Snail the size of a foot coming out to feast close to a Spotted bush snake looking for a tasty treat around the camp.

Thanks to Zack Mligo our guide and Marijn Schulte for some great shots of the wildlife.
Thanks also to Ville and Margot for the below incredible beautiful shots.

Hope to see you all soon again.

Safe travels.

Shaun, Milli and the Lake Manze Camp team

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