News from the camps - October 2023

Mdonya Old River - Ruaha National Park Tanzania - October 2023

October has been very busy with many different species of animals in the camp. We have had lions, almost as regular visitors, as well as leopards coming to drink at the water hole.
We had hoped for the rains to arrive but apart from a very cloudy week, it did not rain in Mdonya. A few drops fell here and there in the park but still very dry everywhere.
The wild dogs have left their den and have started to wander around and are more visible than in previous months.
The little vervet monkeys that were born earlier this season are growing up and patiently waiting for the rains to come.
Elephants have continued to come through the camp and are crowding the Mdonya River as they dig for water to replenish fluids and quench their thirst.
Temperatures were as high as 37°C and the sun has been scorching!
The rains should be near!

Pictures by John Melele and Malcolm and videos by Malcolm.




We hope to see you soon.

Mdonya Old River Camp Team

Lake Manze - Nyerere National Park Tanzania - October 2023

by Milly


Interesting fact about Impala females is that they can delay the birth of the young ones for up to a month waiting for the rains to start so that they make sure there is green grass for them to eat and to produce the milk they need.
The baby impalas were mostly born towards the end of October and are many around. A feast for some.
The impala activity has also brought out some wild dogs that will obviously have their fill on the baby “McDonalds” running around.

Life is hard in the bush as you look at wonky the Elephant and her infant. The mom has lost part of her trunk and the baby the tail and quite a big tear on the front of the trunk. We can speculate that these parts were taken by croc or Hyena. We will probably never know. They are, even with these mishaps, living a happy life.

Birdlife has taken off like wildfire with the many different species around camp as the small rain that we have had has brought the insects as food. A feast been had by all.

The big pride of Lions has been spotted on a good couple of occasions as the preen themselves and sleep the day away.

Time has flown as we head into November with the knowledge that the area will turn into a green wonderland.

Hope to see you all soon again.

Safe travels.

Shaun, Milli and the Lake Manze Camp team

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