Being Green

We have created or chosen eco-friendly properties or camps in Tanzania’s most beautiful sites.
They are designed to have a minimum impact on the environment while supporting conservation and helping to sustain local communities.

Some of our green choices are clear and easy to spot:

  • our properties are small and therefore can accommodate a small number of guests per time which means that the needs will be smaller in terms of energies and supplies.
  • we refused the building of massive constructions as we prefer lighter operations which create smaller visual and physical impacts on the landscape and the environment.
  • we preferred the use of natural building materials.
  • we use alternative sources of energy, such as solar panels and rain water harvesting systems.
  • we support and promote local conservation, environmental and educational projects. At the same time we promote and support local cooperation projects and employment opportunity projects for local disable people: our guests are informed, involved and asked to support purchasing products from those projects.

Other choices are not so evident:

  • we employ form the local community. We strongly believe that the local communities must be involved in the tourist industry in their own region or district: our local employees are the best ambassadors for their own region, and by employing locally we raise awareness in the community about the importance of the conservation of their natural and historical resources and we create alternative economies to poaching, deforestation and misuse of natural resources.
  • We like that our properties also work as training centers for communities where schools don’t exist.
  • We buy our supplies locally, so that we can reduce to the minimum the transportation of the goods and decrease the amount of CO2 emissions. By purchasing fresh products from the local community we  create alternative and more environmental respectful local economies.