Who we are and our mission

Who we are
Essential Destinations was created by a team of ecologists and biologists with the belief that the best way to keep Tanzania’s wilderness truly wild is to champion respectful and sustainable eco-tourism.

We are proud to support the restoration of historical sites as well as a number of elephant and lion research projects.

We believe that responsible tourism is the answer to conservation of natural resources, historical sites and beauty.
We believe that human beings can become better people by experiencing their roots, knowing the world as it has always been, before them and how it has changed through them in historical times.

Tourism can raise the funds to allow countries like Tanzania to keep more then 30% of its territory protected, rather than consume it through crazy development.

In the bush we believe in small, light footed and well spread apart operations. This way further protection can be guaranteed to the ecosystems without interference with the natural orders.

We take you to the most spectacular and interesting sites in Tanzania. Our mission is to show you those places you should not miss. Because of their astonishing beauty, wild natural essence, and it is testimony of our ancient steps of mankind.

We have created or chosen eco-friendly properties or camps in Tanzania’s most beautiful sites.

They are designed to have a minimum impact on the environment, while supporting conservation and helping to sustain local communities.