Mdonya's Staff

Iris Thiriaux – Camp Manager

I was born in Belgium but moved across to France in my early ages. My parents were extremely enthusiastic about traveling and exploring new places and that is how I came around South Africa. That trip changed my life and I straight away decided that after my last year in high school, I was going to pack my bags to first learn English in New Zealand (as in Belgium English isn’t a compulsory language) and then study Guiding in South Africa. 
From there, I carried on studying and wanting to know more about Africa, I ended up finishing the highest exam in the guiding industry. I specifically studied wild flowers and birds of Southern Africa, but every other aspects of spending time in the bush appeals me, studying (again!) animal behaviour is another passion. 
While on safaris, my camera is always on the ready and prepared to shoot. My favorite pastime is to work on animal portraits pictures that I took on game drive, while coming back home, there is always a book ready to be read ! Africa fascinates me and I now call it home.
After six years of guiding in South Africa, the opportunity to manage a lodge in Tanzania presented itself as a new challenge for me. Changing habits can be good and I’m very excited to start this new adventure.


Kingsley Biddington – Camp Manager

My name is Kingsley and I’m 32 years old. I was born and raised in Durban, South Africa. I was very fortunate that from a very young age ì was introduced to the African bush by my parents as most of our family vacations where spent outdoors.
I grew up with the strong interest in animals, especially reptiles and since, have kept a wide variety of indigenous and exotic snakes, spiders and lizards. I did volunteer work from the age of fourteen at a local reptile park ” Fitzsimons Snake Park” where I gained a lot of knowledge and a much better understanding of these incredible animals.
Once I left school in 2007, I knew that I had to follow my dream and passion of working on the African bush and so I registered myself with FGASA and startd my level one guiding qualification which I did through Eco-Training in Karongwe.
I have now completed the Bush survival, Fgasa level two and lead trail and savanna biome specialist qualifications and have benn working in the bush for a total of eight years. I am a very keen photographer and love spending time and taking pictures of my favorite animal ; the African elephant.
I have travelled to many places within South Africa and have visited other countries such as Mozambique, Swaziland, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, each one with a beauty of its own .
I have recently completed a course in Game Lodge Management as well as started my private pilot licence which I hope I can use for conservation purposes in the not so distant future.
A favorite quote of mine is ” I am an African, not because I was born in Africa, but because Africa was born in me “.


Mdonya Team

Baraka Sanga – Waiter

Faustino Abgerlo – Tent Attendant

Antony Maro – Clerk

Ayoubu Nyang’anga – Driver

Barnaba Mponzi – Guest Cook

Chelestino Mbutwa – Driver

Yusuph Changa – Waiter

Elenas Mgumba – Laundry

Emmanuel Maguluko – Guide

Godson Kigudanzi – Driver

Elineema Godwin – Room Attendant

Emmanuel Mahanga – Carpenter

Issak Chimbunga – General

Edmond Yalimba – Driver

Isaak Chimbunga – Waiter

John Njeama – Waiter

Joshua Paulo – Tent Attendant

Thomas Mlyanga – Kitchen Assistant

Jumanne Hatibu – Guide

Matayo Lewanga – Askari

Oresto Lyuvale – Waiter

Prosper Kobelo – Guide

Revokatus Lipingu – Staff Cook

Saidi Mangandali – Waiter

Teerite Lewanga – Askari

Thomas Tovagonze – Driver

Zacharia Kahimba – Guide

Julius Seif – Guest Cook assistant

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Mdonya’s Staff

Mdonya’s Team are renowned for their courtesy as well as their passion for the bush. The waiters and Maasai together with your guides and drivers will show you the hidden secrets of this exceptional corner of the world. The majority of staff you will meet in Mdonya Old River Camp were born locally. This is their home. They will be proud to share with you their stories of Tanzania and their strong, passionate bond with the wildlife of their own country.

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