News from the camp in the time of no tourism - July 2020

We believe that responsible tourism is the answer to conservation not only because generates a sustainable economy, but even becuase, more pragmatically, it keeps presence and eyes against poachers in remote wilderness of our planet and help conservation of wildlife.
Help us to keep more staff in camp during these times of no toursim in Tanzania.
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Mdonya Old River

Mdonya Camp has had a close connection with buffalo’s over many a year. Due to environmental dynamics, their stay within the Mdonya area has been limited to certain months of the year. This is why our hearts always somersault in excitement with their unexpected and sudden appearance nearby or right in camp.

Elephants have been great companions for all our staff, in camp and out on game drives. A sight not to be missed
Picture gallery by Godson.


Lake Manze

The elephant babies are getting the deserved attention in Lake Manze at the moment. While the staff are maintaining the camp, the herds with their young ones do not stop to roam and chit chat. It is time for a work break, a moment to observe and identify the mum’s and young ones and of course a picture is expected!
Everybody is working on something; a female Nubian woodpecker is no exception. A dead palm trunk is well perforated as she searches for larvae.
The Hippos walk around with confidence during the day time as there no guests in camp and giraffes continue to cross the channel at their favorite spot.
Spectacular sunsets await you from the top of the camp tower.

Picture gallery and videos by Kipondo and Malcolm.


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