News from the camp in the time of no tourism - June 2020

We believe that responsible tourism is the answer to conservation not only because generates a sustainable economy, but even because, more pragmatically, iIt keeps presence and eyes against poachers in remote wilderness of our planet and help conservation of wildlife.
Help us to keep more staff in camp during these times of no tourism in Tanzania.
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Mdonya Old River

The camp has been visited regularly by elephants, zebra and giraffes. Among our pachiderm friends, Sikio Mbovu and Sikio Mbovu Mdogo made their appearances. Sikio Mbovu Mdogo is a younger version of Sikio Mbovu, with the trait in common of a big notch in the ear (in ki-swahili Sikio Mbovu means bad/broken ear). Sikio Mbovu has allowed Mdogo to partecipate to some of his favorite practices, such as digging for water pipes in camp, at the point that Mdogo is now enough confident to deal with the pipes by himself!
Click on the picture to watch the full gallery from Godson: don’t miss the beautiful elephant Jonathan, we are so happy to see him around too!

Lake Manze

While elephants, greater kudus, buffalos, hippos and impala are daily encounters in camp, lions are not so frequent visitors of the camp. Big surprise for our staff to find 3 lioness endulging themselves for a nap under the shade of the dining roof, opening an eye, in their feline way, to peek at the calm waters of Lake Manze occasionally.
Click on the picture to watch the full gallery from Kipondo.

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