News from the camps - January 2024

Mdonya Old River - Ruaha National Park Tanzania - January 2024

During January Mdonya and the surrounding area recorded 550 mm of rainfall. A good amount of water, together with the constant alternation of sun and rain creates the perfect basis for chlorophyllous photosynthesis.
Every plant, every tree, every blade of grass took the chance to regenerate and in this green beauty competition, it was impossible to declare a winner.

The sky is full of kestrels, falcons, and bee-eaters, and on the ground, the dung beetles are working away relentlessly. It is exciting to see the new dazzle of baby zebras being born. Special and beautiful moments to be in Ruaha National Park!

On the other side, the predators may not be as visible as before. Being a guide in Ruaha at this stage of the year can be challenging, but Mdonya’s guides are up for this challenge.

It is when the grass is tall, the canopies are impenetrable and the bushes are thick, that Mdonya’s guides show their special talent. Eyes get even sharper, the ears don’t miss a sound and no track is left unread. So, not only were leopards and lions still seen, but wild dogs and cheetahs were spotted to the delight of their guests!

Thanks to guides John and Godson for their pictures.

We hope to see you soon.

Mdonya Old River Camp Team

Lake Manze - Nyerere National Park Tanzania - January 2024


In the blink of an eye the first month of 2024 has shot by with so many awesome sightings of the various animals, birds, plants, trees and insects about.

Wild dogs are always a crowd favorite. We were lucky enough to spot three dogs who are part of the pack of ten. The three, it seems, had gone on an expedition of their own passing by close to the camp. Some weeks later they again came past the camp and joined up with female who had six younger pups in tow. Always a special sighting.
During January, we had some Elephant families pass in front of the dining area close to the lake enjoying the cooler mud baths as they toss the muddied waters on to their backs.

When you spot a lion peering through the grass, giving this eerie concentrated look as it weighs up its options for an imminent kill. You can feel the shivers run down your spine.

Birdlife has been extraordinary with the many species showing off their colorful wares as they search for a tasty morsel.

Everything everywhere is sprouting. Yellow mushrooms growing on the outside of a palm tree. Fascinating sight as the open mushroom only lasts for a couple of days.

The rain has been falling occasionally and has kept the grass and trees growing which has kept this unending supply of food.

See you soon.
Safe travels

Shaun, Milli and the Lake Manze Camp team

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