News from the camps - October and November 2022

Mdonya Old River - Ruaha National Park Tanzania - October 2022

October in Ruaha is usually one of the best month for sightings and October 2022 didn’t fail the expectations.

At the beginning of the month we noticed that the two baobabs that bloom first every year, also this year have anticipated all the other millions of baobab in the park and elegantly added those incredible flowers to their dry look. For some unclear reasons, those 2 baobabs, located in very different areas of the park, perceive a change in the air that yet is unknown to anybody else.

It has been 2 months now we see the same python in the same spot on an acacia. The snake barely changes position from one day to the other, it must be engaging in a long digestion.

Some other changes of the park life brought to have 3 sightings of the same pack of 26 dogs. Now with the well grown puppies, the pack is not restricted to the den area only and got visible. Guests in mdonya during those days saw dogs, lions and leopards in one game drive!

Pictures by Ayoubu.

We hope to see you soon.
Mdonya Old River Camp Team

Mdonya Old River - Ruaha National Park Tanzania - November 2022



November is usually the hottest and driest month and animals concentrate even more along the few water points available.
The end of the dry season is also when several species have their babies looking forward to the rainy season to come.
It is the case of the vervet monkeys, whose little babies are running around all over the place.

This month we had our guest and now friend Terry who spent two weeks with us and was very well equipped with camera traps, so we had fun looking at what was coming to drink and the small water point behind the camp.
We had regular visits from two lionesses, around 4-5 hyenas every night, our several bushbucks, a pregnant civet, 2-3 jackals, verraux eagle owl, genette, elephants and a serval!
Terry’s last night the two lioness came to say goodbye while we were having dinner under stars, it was beautiful to see them walking by in the old river bed in front of us.
The first clouds are appearing in the sky and we hope some much needed rain will soon come.

Daytime videos by Malcolm.
We hope to see you soon.

Mdonya Old River Camp Team


Lake Manze - Nyerere National Park Tanzania - October 2022


October is historically a hot and dry month with food sources on the low side. The animals wait in anticipation for the short rains to turn the area into a green wonderland. The Impala have started to drop the young ones which brings the predators into action. Baby “McDonalds’ walking around all over. The Hyaenas and large bird predators are having a field day as they nab the pickings. Thanks, Zach Mligo for the videos.
Fact not fiction. One of the Masai calling you with an exited tone in his voice to hurry as there is a lion at tent number 12. Grabbing the camera, running in that direction to get the shot and then to be frantically called by another Masai to get back to the bar area as there is a lion in the dining. We have not seen a lion yet, but a decision must be made. Tent 12 or bar. The bar wins hands down. As we arrive there, the lion is lying down on the sand nonchalantly, not a care in the world staring out over the lake area. The sister is lying about 100 meters away behind a palm tree and some bush keeping us all in her sight. Unfortunately, the young male in the bar has an injury in his back-left leg but has since then got much better. He eventually gets up and walks onto the veranda of tent 7 to again lie down and stare into the distance. His sister, after a while walks over and they meet and up to say their hallo’s and saunter off into the bush.
The last female of the original Manze pride has met up with two young strapping Lions at the other end of Lake Manze and it seems romance is on the cards. The two brothers seem to be having a tiff to see who gets the spoils as you could see some bite marks on one of their tails. Hopefully soon we could have some brand-new baby lions back at Lake Manze.
Birdlife feels like it is on the increase as there are now many species in and around camp fluttering about on the ground and the trees.
If you need a safari vacation, you know where to come to.

Safe travels.
Shaun, Milli and the Lake Manze Camp team.



Lake Manze - Nyerere National Park Tanzania - November 2022


The rains are late this year, but we wait in anticipation for the first big storms. Water sources for the animals are low and many animals are still getting stuck in the mud as they try to get to some water in the middle of the mud. Hyenas are having a field day as they gorge themselves on the animals that are stuck. Thank you Zacharia Mligo for the video. We have been fortunate enough to help a buffalo and get it out of the mud safely before the predators arrived. Our third rescue this month. What will stick in our minds forever is the look of despair beforehand the rescue and then the stare of appreciation after the fact as you drive off in search of more unlucky animals.
The time is here for the big pack of wild dogs to make its appearance. They were spotted by another camp close to the park entrance and it seems the pack has grown to seventeen. If we get the shot, you will get to know about it. The smaller pack in the opposite direction were spotted as they were setting off. Thanks again Zach Mligo our guide
With no water in the lake now we were lucky enough to see big herds of animals coming to crop some of the grasses still available including forty-three odd Eland, herds of Elephants, many Buffaloes and Wildebeest. A sight to behold.
Then the story of the mom and baby Elephant. They were first spotted in May this year with all bodily parts intact. Six months down the line the mom has lost part of her trunk, would think to a crocodile and the baby ellie has lost most of its tail. Nature can be cruel, but they survived it and are showing off their scars as a trophy.
Lions sightings have been good, and the video taken by Zach Mligo our guide, where the dad and young lion are playing is mesmerizing.
Leopard sighting are always special as they are normally are very skittish, but when you get the shot after it has caught a spring hare snack, makes it extremely special. Thanks James Mgona our guide.
Bird feasting. No, birds don’t feast. Well yes, they do when they find these small drying up water holes with tons of fish flapping in the ever-decreasing pool gorging themselves to the hilt.
Even a Python slithered by. Thanks again James Mgona our guide.
Birdlife as normal out of this world. It is if they are posing for their chance to be in National Geographic.
Thanks to our guest John Taylor for some great wildlife shots and video’s as well.

Safe travels


We hope you enjoy the read and photos.

Shaun, Milli and the Lake Manze Camp team.

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