February 2020


News from Selous Game Reserve

The Indian ocean dipole has affected rainfall in East Africa and has obviously influenced us as well.
Higher water levels in the rivers and more rain has pushed the lake levels past the limit capacity which in turn flooded through our dining and bar area. A quick new dining and bar area was erected on higher ground to make sure we run as normal as possible.

Sightings of birds and wildlife has been pushed through the charts as animals are forced to seek higher, not so wet ground. A bird and animal lover’s paradise.

The wild dogs could be found on many occasions lounging close to the main road waiting for the opportunity to hunt an unexpecting morsel. So, it is just not cats that don’t like wet feet.
The elusive Leopard up in a tree showing off it’s amazing coat with not a worry in the world.
Even our Lions lazing in trees to scope out the landscape for a tasty treat to hunt.

Thank you very much to Pete and Chris Talboys and Andrea Mirwald for their outstanding photos capturing some rare moments during your stay with us. These shots are exceptional and depict what you can expect when you visit Lake Manze Camp. The saying “right place at the right time “is true in this instance as can be seen from the many “at the moment” shots.

Hope you had a great valentine’s day and we hope to see you all back one day.

See you soon.

Safe travels.
By Shaun, Milinda and all Manze Team.

A sight by Pete and Chris Talboys (4)

All in the eyes by Pete and Chris Talboys (14)

Birds of a feather by Andrea Mirwald_n

Boats at dining

Breath stroke by Andrea Mirwald 16_n


Close up by Pete ans Chris Talboys

Concentration by Andrea Mirwald 6_n

Cool hairstyle by Andrea Mirwald 1_n

Crossing by Andrea Mirwald 6_n


Dining visitor

Drinking time by Andrea Mirwald 15_n


Drying out by Andrea Mirwald 3_n


Family time by Pete and Chris Talboys (11)

Flaps down by

Floppy ears



Hit the spot by Andrea Mirwald_n

Hunting for lunch by Andrea Mirwald 7_n

In charge by Pete and Chris Talboys

Intense stare by Andrea Mirwald 10_n

Knobnose by Pete and Chris Talboys (10)

Lazy life by Andrea Mirwald 11_n

Luminous by Pete and Chris Talboys (8)

Lunch is served

Magnificent by Pete and Chris Talboys (3)

Majestic by Pete and Chris Talboys (12)

Mid air snack by Andrea Mirwald 17_n

More water

No ring by Pete and Chris Talboys (1)

On the March by Andrea Mirwald 9_n

Playing in your drinking water by Andrea Mirwald 4_n

Posing male


Quench th e thirst byPete and Chris Talboys (5)

Rainbow colors by Andrea Mirwald

Ready for landing by Andrea Mirwald_n

Rear view by Andrea Mirwald 7_n


Saddle Bill by Pete and Chris Talboys (16)

Scavenging time by Pete and Chris Talboys (13)

Scratch that itch by Andrea Mirwald 8_n

Shouting out by Andrea Mirwald 5_n

Sky is the limit

Sleepy head by Andrea Mirwald 12_n

Snack time by Andrea Mirwald 2_n

Splatter byAndrea Mirwald 4_n


Stolen by Andrea Mirwald 5_n

Stripy family by Pete and Chris Talboys (6)

Tales by Andrea Mirwald 14_n

Touchdown by Andrea Mirwald 1_n

Up and away by Andrea Mirwald 8_n

Valentines pair by_Andrea Mirwald_n

Walking past

Yum yum

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News from the wild side

This month was the last stretch before ending the season. What marked it was probably the heavy rains that our region received and their consequences. While most of the rivers were empty, within a few days, all of them had gotten out of their beds, making ruaha alive again!
This phenomenon was extraordinary and very uncommon. It hadn’t happened for the last decade.

All our guests enjoyed the prolific wildlife around. Most of the animal kingdom gave birth, increasing the numbers while on safari, it was common to witness a few hours old, four-legged-mammals, slowly following their mothers.

With the rain, came the duty to mark again a territory; the lions settled back withinour area and walked through camp on several occasions. While diner was served, roars from only a hundred meters away could be heard as the hyraxes, in full mating season, we trying to be heard and listened to.

The most adventurous was trying to get our delivers across to the camp. Bridges and roads were washed away in some areas, and our strong team, had to do the extra step to make sure that all our guests were served food the same night. Hard work paid off while everyone came back to camp safe and sound.

As the end of the season approached, the focus was pointed towards the maintenance of the camp. repainting tent poles and improving the tent platform were the main objectives. But as the month came to an end, we all made sure to have a good time, before saying tutaonana badaaye.

In the hope to see you soon,

Iris, Kingsley and all Mdonya Team.































PHOTO-2020-02-21-18-34-42 2


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“Beautiful location of the camp in the National park. We enjoyed the huge variety of birds and elephants”
Jan and Katrina, in Mdonya in February 2020

“What a fabulous stay!! Great location, great animal sightings and a wonderful group of staff. Being so close to nature is a real pleasure. The camp is very well organized to give you every ‘ wild’ experience. Even the lions came to say hello! Many thanks to the team”
Sue and Deryk, in Mdonya in February 2020

“What a superb stay. I can’t praise the staff, management and organization enough. Four fabulous nights with wonderful company and great food and drink. Yorkshire will seem different. Will be back.”
Dergh Bielby in Manze in February 2020

“A wonderful first visit to Africa and it was magical. You are a fabulous team. Could not have been more hospitable. ”
Emily, UK, in Manze in February 2020

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