Mdonya Animal's ID and Sighting Statistics

Being a team of biologists and naturalists by background, we are aware of the importance of being present in Ruaha National Park; we take the role of witness of the conservation status as a responsibility. You can determine the well being of a conservation project only if you have accumulated information, notes and data that you can compare and put in relation one another and with time.

Safari operators are also storytellers with, of course, a peculiar predilection on stories from the wilderness. If you want to tell stories you need to take notes: our notes are nature notes.

With our background, our “stories from the bush” are scientific as much as possible.

Day by day, Mdonya’s staff record a daily log with information on weather conditions and wildlife sighted, in camp and in game drive. We have collected data with the idea that we don’t need precise numbers though an estimate is good enough, especially to understand trends of wildlife population. Guides and drivers in activities and masaai in camp estimate the numbers of each species of animals seen per day, from impala to leopards.

We started, many years ago, on the “traditional” paper support. Some years ago we moved to the digital support of excel pages.

Nevertheless, with big regret, we have lost some years of records.

In this page the, clicking on the animal picture you will be able to read a pdf with statistics that comes from all those records animal by animal with considerations and the ID cards we produced of animals happened to know well.

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