Mdonya's Elephants ID cards

Mdonya Old River Camp is only seasonally visited by elephants. Bulls are almost daily visitors, while females and babies are seldom in camp and normally only passing.
You will have them feeding at the tree next to your tent, walking in front the dining tent or resting under the shade of one of the camp’s acacias, particularly during the dry season. Occasionally somebody like Charlie, Sikio Mbovu or Louis will stay with us longer, not in a hurry to follow the call of the first rain. In the dry season, the Mdonya Area offers them what they are looking for.
Food: Umbrella trees, Acacia Tortilis, and Winter Thorn, Faidherbia Albida, are the two main tree species of Mdonya’s woodland and they produce fruits during the dry season. Their legume-like seeds enrich the poor dry-season diet of the elephants. Very often you will see Charlie shaking one of the many umbrella trees of the camp and staying for an endless time collecting one by one all pods the tree just released. As soon as the fruit season is over, only one other reason will make elephants stay in the area: water.
Water: In the dry season, Mdonya River provides the only water source available in 20 km range. At the very end of the dry season Mdonya’s sand river will show only few superficial ponds of water dirtied by all possible animals living in the area. But elephants can access the lower level of water by digging up to a meter in the sand, guaranteeing to themselves and to all other species, clean sand-filtered water. In November Mdonya’s sand river can be occupied by 50-60 elephants at a time, breeding groups and male bulls. The sand river will have the look of a treasure field where every square meter has been investigated in search of the loot.

The following 32 ID cards and character descriptions are the fruits of 7 years of experience of life with them and are testimony to the incredible capacity of the 3 Maasai who live with us to understand them. Nobody else will be more able than our Maasai to escort you in an elephant-visited Camp in security, showing these extraordinary animals all the respect they deserve.
We have been assisted by STEP for the ID realization.

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Mdonya's Elephants Sighting statistics

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