News from the camps - February 2024

Mdonya Old River - Ruaha National Park Tanzania - February 2024

February has been a very wet month, especially the first couple of weeks. Luckily for us, most of the rains happened during the night.
The big and unusual El Ninjo rains have allowed the growth of the grass to be very tall and the rivers to be full of water!

On one side sightings of predators have been more difficult, but overall all our guests managed to see them, particularly wild dogs have been very rewarding, with some spotted right in camp!
A multitude of birds and plenty of migrants have arrived in Ruaha to the delight of our birder guests.
Elephant families have moved on, probably up to the mountains, whereas a few bulls, including Babu (the big tusker), have remained in the forest area and visited the camp regularly.
The smaller critters have become abundant with the rains, with plenty of wasps and butterflies of all types as well as amphibians and reptiles being common.

Our last guests have left and we are now closing the camp for the season. We are looking forward to starting again in June!

Pictures and videos by Malcolm, Micol, John Melele and Sostein Mwikalila.

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We hope to see you soon.

Mdonya Old River Camp Team

Lake Manze - Nyerere National Park Tanzania - February 2024

By Shaun

In a flash the season has shot by with some fantastic sightings in all departments of what nature has to offer us. If you did the “look and listen” philosophy, there was not much that you missed on your safari adventure here with us at the camp.

The rain abated slightly and a lot of animals including our beloved Elephants visited on a good many occasions catching up on their neglected gardening duties around the tents. Playing and splashing about in the plentiful water sources around.

The wild dogs popped up out of nowhere around 400 odd meters from camp. You could see that they had been lying down in a mud to cool down in the heat of the day. Very playful and inquisitive younger dogs after their swim and rest. It seemed like a stare down as one of the dogs, due to curiosity, approached the vehicle and eyed out the occupants before trotting away to join the others in the shade.

Birdlife has been top notch and the green has got greener. Food and insects are still in abundance.
We believe that the news and photos coming out of the camp over many months has wet the appetite for some more adventures here with us in camp and we hope to see you during the next season.

Safe travels.
Shaun, Milli and the Lake Manze Camp team

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